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An amazing journey

My first results working with Artificial Intelligence, MidJourney. I'm quite sure these new tools are going to change the way how we create. Especially in the early stages of an idea.

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Some chords

One day my good friend Roberto told me he was working in the design team of WordCamp 2020. If you don't know WordCamp, is the European WordPress community meeting "WCEU".
Roberto said they didn't have music for the event yet. So Roberto tells them he knows a friend who sometimes makes "music".

I'm that friend, and well I don't really play music, I just try, it's a hobby. I start to play the piano almost 2 years ago because I needed to make something creative outside the graphic world. So music was perfect, and piano is awesome because it's the perfect instrument for a geek like me who loves to connect things, try gadgets, and experiment with tech.
By the way, I was in piano classes in a little studio owned by Marie Dufouleur, she's a great teacher and a better person also her place is beautiful.

When Roberto says it to me I was very happy to help, but at the same time a bit afraid because I'm just a noob in the music field. I didn't know where to start, so I just follow the process I’d use for a graphics project, but with an audio piece. After some research and talks, the main goals were: Tech, Europe, and Community. So I sat down in front of my piano to play some chords that suited those concepts and made a loop with them. Later, I looked for some synths to dress the loop and finish the piece.

And that's everything, I'd like thanks to WCEU, and Roberto who is an amazing UX/UI and frontend designer, a restless entrepreneur and better friend, don't forget to check his work!

Roberto Tuñón Portfolio / Twitter / Instagram / Dribbble / Behance

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Testing my new graphic card with some models I've made. I like the creepy glitch feeling. Everything was made in Blender, and some texturing with Substance Painter.

Glitch 2

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Today I was playing to loop sea waves in Blender. Very useful to make assets and loopable graphics. I love GIF format, you can see more of my GIF works HERE in Giphy, also you can use them on Instagram or other platforms like Telegram.

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